Gnomon Bibliographische Datenbank Instruction Manual

IV. Entry of Titles

In the entry of titles the German »RAK« rules (»Regeln für die alphabetische Katalogisierung«, "Rules for alphabetical catalogisation") have been used as much as possible. Variations may occur because of the technical demands and parameters of a bibliographical information system. The Greek alphabet is transscribed.

The following fields are available:

Personen: Author. Also editors, institutions (»Körperschaften«) in any number, and additonal entries - especially the authors of books which have been reviewed. Names are standardized as much as possible.
Jahr: Year. If there a two years given, for example in the »Classical Journal«, this will be entered in the form »1991-1992«.
Titel: Title and subtitle are not divided from each other, in contrast to the German »RAK« rules.
Textfeld: Text field. Indexed keywords taken from the titles, sometimes in translation; when reference works have been included, the keyword will be repeated here and, if necessary, expanded.
Abstract: The processing of abstracts has just begun; see (e. g.) the entries for »Classical Antiquity«, »Klio«, »REA«).
Ort: Place of publication. If necessary, any number of places, in the form which is given in the »Bibliographische Beilage« of »Gnomon«.
Verlag: Publisher. Details given in the »Bibliographische Beilage« are entered here completely.
Zeitschrift: Periodical. The full title of the periodical is given.
Sammelband: Collection of articles, anthologies, Festschrifts, etc. In contrast to printed bibliographies, where space must be saved, the full title of the anthology is included for every article it contains, in order to make the individual items more accessible.
Reihentitel: Series title. This is given in the form of the »Bibliographische Beilage« as found there, even if abbreviated, e.g. »AbhGött« for "Abhandlungen der Göttinger Akademie der Wissenschaften".
Band: Volume. In Roman or Arabic numerals.
Heft: Number. If relevant - for example the »Historische Zeitschrift«, whose annual volumes are published in three fascicles.
Seiten: Pages. For articles and contributions to collections, if possible, the first and last page are given, in the form: »1 - 15«. Insofar as the »Bibliographische Beilage« and the files of Eichstaett University Library have been made use of, you will find here supplementary information concerning illustrations and tables, as well as to the format, e.g.: »XV, 234 S. 14 Abb. 52 Taf. 1 Kte. 4°«.
Diss.-Verzeichnis: The bibliography of German Dissertations (»Hochschulschriftenverzeichnis«). The number given to the dissertation in this »Hochschulschriftenverzeichnis« is added to ease identification. The type of numbering may be different from year to year, according to the system used in the year concerned.
Gnomon-Beilage: Gnomon bibliographical supplement. To ease identification for inter-library loans titles taken from the bibliographical supplement are since ca. 1997 identified by quotation of the supplement. »9704100« stands for page 100 of the 4th part of the 1997 supplement. Beginning with the year 2000 four digits are used for the year.
Universitätsbibliothek Shelfmark of Eichstaett University Library. The shelfmarks are also part of the Thesaurus and may thus be used for searches in combination with other terms.
Art: Type of publication. Important only for the internal organisation of the information system, but sometimes useful also for searches. D = Dissertation unpublished, or only privately published; L = encyclopaedia entry, M = monograph, R = review; S = contribution to anthologies.
Deskriptoren: Descriptors. Here the relevant descriptors are listed which may be searched using the descriptor search.

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Prof. Dr. Jürgen Malitz - April 2000