Gnomon Bibliographische Datenbank Instruction Manual

VII. Selecting the Result Box

For your searches the three »Ergebnisspeicher« ("result boxes") A, B, and C are available. The results of your searches are kept here temporarily. The content of a result box is shown in the bottom line. The display of (e. g.) A = 115 shows that the result box »A« keeps at the moment 115 documents you have searched for:


Whatever you do - searching, viewing documents, printing results -, relates to the result box active at the moment.

You may change the result boxes any time, e. g. to keep the result of your next search apart from your latest result.

You can change the result box to display another result. Select from the menu »Ergebnis« ("result") the option »Ergebnis wechseln« ("change result") and click on the result box you would like to change to:



If you want to delete a result, select from the menu »Ergebnis« ("result") the option »Löschen« ("delete").


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Prof. Dr. Jürgen Malitz - April 2000