Gnomon Bibliographische Datenbank Instruction Manual

IX. Author Search

Using author search you will find authors and co-authors (or editors and co-editors); in addition you will find reviews of publications by the author who is searched for, as well as »Personalnachrichten« from »Gnomon«, and, as the case may be, obituaries.

Author Search with the template.

With the template for author search you may search in any combination for any entry (1) in the database field for authors, and, in addition, (2) for the titles of works, (3) for the date of publication, and (4) for other words in other fields.

You call up the template with the button for »Personen/Titel« ("persons, titles"):




All entries in the fields are optional. Every field in the template with entries is part of the search and linked by default with other fields by the search condition AND. Empty fields are irrelevant for the search.

Person/KS: Enter, e. g., "Strasburger, Hermann". The full stop / period may be used as right truncation for first names or last names. (»KS« in this field means »Körperschaft«, "institution"). For the search, capitalization is irrelevant.

In principal, first names of authors should not be written out, rather you should give only the first letter of the first name, since bibliographic inclusion of the first names depends on the document available: the entry should therefore always be concluded with a full stop / period (.). Also, if you are not sure of the name of an author or editor, you can shorten the entry on the right side with a full stop / period. Searching for »Smith.« will find also »Smithers« and »Smithson«.

The search for "Strasburger, H." will lead you to all his publications, which have been entered into the database, to reviews of works of Hermann Strasburger, as well as to personal notes ("Personalnachrichten") in »Gnomon«, to discussions of his work ("Würdigungen"), and to obituaries. [sample task no. 1].

Begriff aus Titel: Term in the title field. Here you can enter any word looked for in a title; several terms are divided by semicola. The terms are linked by default with AND. A full stop / period may be used as truncation on the left and / or on the right side. [sample task no. 2: H. Strasburger AND Thukydides as title word].

Fields Jahr and bis: Year and range. Here you can enter any range of years. If you are looking for just one year of publication, you enter the year only in the field »Jahr«. [sample task no. 3: publications of Hermann Strasburger, 1932 to 1945].

Volltext: Full Text. Here you can enter terms which will be searched in all fields, divided by semicola. The terms will be linked by default with AND.

If you activate the OR option ("oder"), all documents will be found which contain at least one of the terms entered.

In definition: here you can determine other fields for the full text search apart from the title field.


Author search with the index list: s. below, ch. XII.

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Prof. Dr. Jürgen Malitz - April 2000