Gnomon Bibliographische Datenbank Instruction Manual

XIII. Display and Sorting of Search Results

To display documents on screen, you use the "Dokumentenanzeige" ("display of documents"); by default you will see only the fields actually used for any entry, and not every field defined for the database in general:


Using the icon for the change between the various styles of display you may call up other document display styles than the standard style:


All search results in a result box are displayed at first in a random list, with no sort option applied. With large results, a sort operation according to some preferred criteria is obviously useful.

When sorting results, you have the choice between the standard sorting according to (1.) author, (2.) year, (3.) title, the sorting (1.) "Jahr aufwärts ("year up, ascending sort order), (2.) author, (3.) title", and (1.) "Jahr abwärts ("year down, descending sort order"), (2.) author, (3.) title".

To sort your result, display the documents and click on the icon [Bild] for the standard sorting, or select from the menu "Ergebnis" ("result") the option "sortieren nach" ("sorting criteria"); here you can select the other two sorting styles just mentioned.


Pressing the keys F 5 (next document) or F 6 (previous document you can scroll through your list of documents.

Some large results will be rather unwieldy; it may be useful, then, to skip a certain number of documents within the result.

When displaying the result, click on the icon [Bild], or select from the menu "bearbeiten" the option "im Ergebnis springen" ("leaping the result").


Enter in the field "Position" the number of the document you want to leap to, counting either absolutely or relatively. You should select "absolut", if you want to leap to the (e. g.) eighth document of the result as a whole; select "relativ", if you want to leap foreward eight more documents, counted from the document just on display. Clicking on the "erstes"-button ("first document") you leap to the first document of the result, with the "letztes"-Button ("last document"). Confirm your selection with "OK", or press the "Enter"-key.

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Prof. Dr. Jürgen Malitz - April 2000