Gnomon Bibliographische Datenbank Instruction Manual


This update of the »Gnomon Bibliographical Database« for 2004 represents again a significant improvement in both technical matters and substance.

The user interface of the program is in German, but the core of the system, the thesaurus, is available also in English. The purpose of this manual is to give you some initial assistance and to provide information for the most important options of the program; in addition, you will find an extensive (German) help file within the program.

Special importance has been attached to topicality by processing publications of the years since 2000, in this edition more than 34.000 entries.

Despite all the care which has been taken, in dealing with such a comprehensive amount of data (now more than 310.000 entries), some mistakes are unavoidable. For that reason, I would like to request users of this information system to point out any mistakes or oversights, so that the next update may be corrected and improved.

The enhancement of the database has profited again from the generous support by Professor Gregor Weber (Augsburg).

For any further information about the program and its contents members of the Department of Ancient History may be consulted (telephone: +49-8421-931506 / 931507 or +49-8421-931465; fax: +49-761-7073638; e-mail:

Between updates of this CD ROM you will find weekly supplements to the database at

Eichstätt, March 2004
Jürgen Malitz

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Prof. Dr. Jürgen Malitz - March 2004