"Inscriptiones Graecae Eystettenses"

A Database for the Study of the Greek Inscriptions of Asia Minor

About the corpus of Bithynia & Pontus

A computerised corpus of all the Inscriptions of Bithynia & Pontus is presently in preparation, sponsored by the "Schwerpunktprogramm" of the "Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft" (DFG) for "Historische Grundlagenforschung im antiken Kleinasien - Epigraphik, Numismatik und Geographie".

The Greek texts are, and will be, part of the "IGEyst" on CD.

In addition, a very detailed database - including the texts of Bithynia-Pontus - is in preparation. Searching the material is made easy by various query templates. This "Infobase for Bithynia & Pontus" will be made available on disk, for a token fee ("Schutzgebühr").

At the same time, a trial version of this database is online (http://www.cdromverlag.de/IGE/), less the formatting and the query templates. See the helpfile of the ILatEyst for the online search options.

Jürgen Malitz ( 100270.3107@compuserve.com).